Dial-Up Modem Kit

Easy Connectivity You can connect your Nostalgic Music center to your home computer in minutes using Actiontec?s Installation Buddy®. It will walk you through your hardware setup quickly and easily, so that the most novice computer user can configure the Dual PC Modem in minutes.

Built-in Security You can rest easy knowing that your computers are safe from unauthorized intrusion or attack. A built-in firewall hides local PCs from Internet detection while allowing you to work safely through secure connections in your home.

Outperforms Other Analog Modems Actiontec's Dual PC Modem is controller-based, meaning the device creates its own processing power. This self-sufficient design gives your computer the flexibility to use its resources for other computing functions. Many modems today are Windows-based. They require your computer's resources to power the modem's functions. As a result, you will not be able to run other programs while surfing the Internet. Thus, this controller-based option is especially valuable when your computer processor is less than 300 MHz.

Faster Internet Connections using V.92,br> This modem will memorize the characteristics of your phone line to reduce the time it takes to connect to the Internet. It is capable of adjusting speeds to line conditions for optimal connection strength and speed.

Supports All Standards
The Actiontec Dual PC Modem provides simultaneous support of the newly ratified V.92 protocol (for Quick Connect), as well as the popular V.90 and K56flex standards. This modem is also compatible with most Internet Service Providers.

Actiontec's Dual PC Modem gives your online access new life and a faster engine to burn through the Internet. Utilizing the latest technology and design advantages, the External Dual PC Modem keeps you connected longer, and faster.

Dial-Up Modem Kit
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